I give talks at libraries, bookstores, and civic organizations. Please contact me if if you would like me to speak to your group about one of the following:


"Novel as Second Act"

I came to Phoenix in 1993 to build the Arizona Science Center. A dozen years later, in my sixties, I took on a different challenge--to begin a second career as a novelist. What was it like to start all over again? How does my experience compare to that of others facing a life transition? Listen as I share my lessons learned.


"Designing a Museum vs. Designing a Book: Same and Different"

How do you decide which exhibits to invent for a science museum? How to you devise characters and plot for a work of fiction? Having done both, I think the processes are more similar than you might think, and they apply to all sorts of creative pursuits. Let me describe the ins and outs of the design process in both fields of endeavor.


Book Clubs


If you would like me to attend your book club meeting by Skype, or Facetime, or, if you are in greater Phoenix, in person, please write me at sheilagrinell@cox.net. I will be happy to discuss my work, or writing process, or how I began to write fiction after a long career in museums. Or if you prefer, send me questions you'd like addressed.



To find out what happens after the end of the book, read the epilogue here.


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You will find a discussion guide on pages 273-275. 

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