Conflict between Boomer parents and their Millennial children about how to lead your life


When Jenn Adler returns from a year in India, she has a surprise for her parents: a young guru from Bangalore whom she intends to marry.  Her father, Paul, is wary of this  "beggar"--who, he suspects, is conning his much-loved daughter--while her mother, Maggie, is frightened that this alien stranger will steal away her only child, her focus in life.


In the months leading up to the backyard wedding, Maggie is forced to reevaluate her virtues as she casts about for support, and Paul faces an unexpected threat at work (he's a cancer biologist). Maggie could help him face that threat, if he would only ask. But even with these distractions, the two parents are focused on one primary question: Can they convince their daughter she is making a terrible mistake before the wedding takes place?


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"Appetite examines the different ways we seek satisfaction in our lives--some of us are hungry for power, others for love, and some find comfort in duty and tradition. This realistic and engrossing portrait of two generations is a promising first novel with wide appeal."--BOOKLIST


"Appetite takes us into the heart of a family being torn apart by conflicting beliefs about what constitutes love, marriage, and success. In this tight, well-written novel, Grinell highlights the conflict between youthful idealism and adult disillusionment in ways that are both moving and thought-provoking."

--MARY MACKEY, author of the New York Times bestseller A Grand Passion


"Appetite is an engrossing account of a struggle to find common ground about how life should be lived. This inter-generational drama of relationships, both long-established and newly formed, makes for a gripping journey--not only for the characters, but for the reader as well. Sheila Grinell has done a splendid job in this fascinating first novel."

--MICKEY FRIEDMAN, author of Hurricane Season


"In her debut novel, Sheila Grinell weaves a rich and sensual tapestry of individuals held together by devotion and duty. Taut and sexy, Appetite is a story about finding your own way and the magnetic appeal of youth, ambition, and freedom. A fun read that will leave you hungry for more."

--GINA GOTSILL, co-author of Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus: Capturing Knowledge for Gen X and Y Employees      


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